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About the Lab Space

The Lab space hold all documentation about the lab. It is vital, that this documentation is accurate and up-to-date. All changes in the lab must be documented in this Wiki.

Where to begin

This is what you need to read

To understand the basic concepts of the Enterprise Lab, you need to be familiar with the following documentation:

  • Where do I find information (Documentation guidelines)
  • Responsibilities and emergency scenario
  • Infrastructure (all the systems that are vital to the lab: Network/DNS/LDAP, Startup and shutdown procedures)
  • Resource Management (SANplus Resources Sets/VDCF Zones)
  • Networking documentation
  • Storage concepts and SAN documentation
  • User Management (LDAP Users/Non LDAP Users), Synchronizing between AD and LDAP.

Infrastructure Topics

Emergency, Troubleshooting and for all sorts of Infrastructure related questions see infrastructure


The latest addition to our lab. Total virtualization based on x86 servers and on our SAN infrastructure. The documentation is spread in the existing sub-spaces. To ease the search all ELabPlus document names contain the prefix elabplus eg. elabplus_network residing in the infrastructure folder.

ELabPlus Server

Read all about our ELabPlus Servers here:


This page contains an overview for physical and virtual server as well. In the according sub pages you'll read how they are installed, backup-ed, switched and many more things…

ELabPlus Network


This page contains definitions, naming conventions and all sorts of config details.

LAB sub-spaces

The Lab Space contains the following sub-spaces:

SANplus Framework documentation

VDCF Framework documentation

See Lab:VDCF.

Infrastructure documentation

See Lab:Infrastructure.

  • Startup and shutdown procedures
  • LDAP
  • DNS
  • Network and Switches
  • San and Switches

Server documentation

Storage documentation

Resource Set (RS) master documentation

See Lab:Master.

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