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General Mainframe information.
This section is under construction. IBM engineers as well as University members are welcome to add content. Create new pages or use existing ones for new topics. IBM staff with an Enterprise Lab loging are permitted for write operations.

Why a mainframe?

The mainframe, frequently labelled a technological dinosaur, features some of the most advanced hardware, software, and system integration technologies. The following article lists some 40 leading edge technology examples that are either not at all, or only in an elementary form, available on other server platforms. Please read the excellent paper from Prof. Dr. Ing. Wilhelm G. Spruth: System z and z/OS unique Characteristics.
Today’s IT landscape for enterprise computing is evolving rapidly with data centers having to meet ever increasing demands with flat budgets. IBM System z delivers a unique hybrid computing model that allows data centers to optimize workload deployment on best fit technologies with a common management infrastructure [for both mainframe and distributed system resources] while driving down overall costs. This model integrates data serving and analytics for actionable insight and enables fast and flexible delivery of new services to drive innovation.

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Some relevant spotlights

Server Consolidation with Linux

Consolidating your servers with Linux on System z can reduce cost, complexity, and time for systems management, while improving system reliability.

Optimize Efficiencies in Enterprise Computing

Learn how you can enhance efficiency in your enterprise.

Enterprise Cloud Computing

zEnterprise Starter Edition for Cloud: a complete private cloud solution providing provisioning and cloud monitoring.

Consolidate SAP Infrastructure on zEnterprise

For a growing number of organizations there are real advantages to running SAP workloads within a simplified and integrated system

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